Do you have to be an independent owner-operator to use TruckLogics?

Not at all! TruckLogics is designed for owner-operators of all shapes & sizes, whether leased or independent, all with the same great support that TruckLogics is known for.

Can you add multiple dispatches and loads that occur at the same time?

Being the best Trucking dispatch software, adding multiple loads and dispatches is an easy process with TruckLogics. Add shipper/consignee details, drop-off & pickup locations, assign drivers & equipment to certain jobs, notify your clients of your progress & location, and much more.

In TruckLogics, you will get the FTL (Full Truck Load) & LTL (Less than truckload) dispatch services. So you can handle multiple loads in a single dispatch.

Can I customize my TruckLogics account?

Absolutely! You can add your own banners, logos for invoicing, and create templates in your TruckLogics account. We provide the system for your success, but you can customize the experience as much as you want to meet your needs.

How does TruckLogics help me keep my company compliant?

We provide a system designed to help you remember tax deadlines, keep up with all trip details, and send yourself reminders for maintenance scheduling. By giving you all these tools, we are helping you stay compliant with state and federal regulations that govern your vehicle while it is operating on state highways & federal interstates.

I pay my drivers per loaded mile, is that going to be difficult to calculate?

No, not at all. TruckLogics calculates a driver's pay based on the settings you designate. You can choose whether you want to pay drivers per mile, per loaded mile, a percentage of revenue, or manually, and the hauling charge can be generated instantly.

My drivers use a factoring company, can TruckLogics accomodate that?

Yes. If a factoring company has claimed the invoice for your driver, choose "yes" when prompted to determine whether a factoring company needs to be added to the invoice. Their rate will apply when you generate a report for your records, and it will not show up on the client invoice.

What is ProMiles and why should I use it?

ProMiles is an add-on with TruckLogics that is a routing service tailor-made for trucking industry professionals. Because it only selects routes specifically for heavy vehicles, you eliminate costly detours, out-of-route mileage, and other expenses associated with routing issues. If you use ProMiles, the information on your trip sheets is automatically filled in, allowing you to use your time for better things.

What sorts of maintenance reminders can I set?

There are several maintenance types to choose from once you have selected the truck you wish to have the reminder set on, including things like oil changes, tire rotations, and many other maintenance tasks. You can also create custom reminders with the "add" button in the truck zone. After that, all you have to do is decide when you would like the reminder to alert you of a maintenance task and you're set!

How can the check call feature help me?

Whether you're an owner-operator or a small fleet owner, keeping in communication with your clients is the most effective way of encouraging good will. By using the check call feature in TruckLogics, you'll be able to easily stay in communication with your client every step of the way without taking time out of your busy schedule.

Can I track invoices in TruckLogics?

Yes! You can set the due date in your terms of billing and track the invoice from when it is received, or from 15, 30, or any number of days before the bill's due date arrives.

Trucklogics Mobile App

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