Dispatch Management

TruckLogics is your one-stop shop for truck owner operator software, giving you the power of mobile operation and personal branding all while eliminating the need for multiple management programs. As an Owner-Operator, you have a lot on your plate—after all, you’re managing a full-time business.

Dispatching makes all the difference in the trucking industry. When it comes to Owner Operators, truck dispatch software needs to have all the features that make life easier.

So what sets TruckLogics apart? With our truck load dispatcher, you can dispatch and effortlessly track loads with just a few clicks. It’s as simple as that!

truck dispatch management software

Truck Accounting

truck accounting software

Let’s face it—sometimes the business side of trucking is harder than the rest. You have a lot to balance already, let alone managing your finances. As an Owner Operator, you need to be able to manage your expenses, invoicing, and billing. That’s why TruckLogics is the premier truck accounting software you can find.

Not only can you set up income transactions, our truck invoicing software converts dispatch proposals to invoices with a single click. You can also track invoices and calculate factoring all with a few clicks of our trucking Owner Operator software.

Scheduling Maintenance

When you are on your own as an Owner Operator, maintaining your vehicle is key to success. The only way you can earn your living is with your truck ready for operation! But keeping track of maintenance schedules, records, and repairs can be taxing.

Which is why you need a truck maintenance scheduling software that works for your needs.With the maintenance features built into TruckLogics, you’ll have the best Transportation Management System software on your side, keeping your truck and trailer up to speed.

truck maintenance scheduling software

Truck Business Reports

truck business reports

One of the best aspects of TruckLogics' software is the ability to generate professional truck reports with a click of a button. What sorts of reports can you generate? Profit & Loss reports outline your profits & losses during the course of the year and can be sorted by dates, drivers, or vehicles. Customer revenue reports give annual numbers regarding how much a certain customer has paid you over the course of the period you selected, enabling you to know who your most valuable clients are. The system will also generate a report showing when truck & trailer licenses are due, have been renewed, or require additional permits.

Insurance expiry reports can also be generated with a click of a button, so you know when insurance renewals need to be dealt with. Filing IFTA at the end of the quarter is a simplified process with TruckLogics as well since you can generate IFTA reports using your trip sheets. You can also create driver payment reports, so you see who was the most productive driver and which drivers are costing you the most money!


IFTA is the quarterly tax collected on all commercial freight vehicles of a certain size who operate in the lower 48 US states and certain Canadian provices bordering the US. Fuel usage can be calculated just by filling out your trip sheets with the designated information.

You might also consider using an add-on service like ProMiles in order to have all the mileage calculated for you. If you've filled out all of your trip sheets and have selected the IFTA report add-on, you can generate an IFTA report with ease at any time. Then, depending on which state you're in, you can either print off the report immediately and mail it to your local government, or you can just print off the report and use it to pay your taxes on your state government's website.

IFTA Reporting Software

Truck Routing with ProMiles

promiles truck routing software

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a route to discover you’re blocked by a low overpass, yet you only have a few hours left of road time. Backtracking is going to cost you! If only you, as an Owner Operator, had better truck route planning options.

You do! For Owner Operators looking for truck routing software, TruckLogics has the answer—with ProMiles built into our system, finding the right path for your tractor trailer is no problem. Talk about trucking software that works for you!


  • ProMiles addon integrates into Trucklogics
  • ProMiles gives you mileage calculations, updated maps, and driving directions—plus the ability to email details
  • Automatic ProMiles trip sheets are useful for IFTA audits
  • Calculate instant load updates
  • Learn about traffic conditions beforehand

Trucklogics Mobile App

Since TruckLogics goes everywhere you do, download our TMS Software mobile app so you never miss an opportunity to manage your business from the road. Go to the Google Play or App Store now and download the TruckLogics app for free.

What can you do on the TruckLogics mobile app?

  • View all dispatch details
  • Update your trip status and employ the check call feature
  • View all trip settlement details
  • Add & edit fuel log details

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