Truck & Trailer Maintenance Scheduling

One of the most important aspects of running your business efficently is keeping your truck and trailer in good condition and in compliance with state & federal safety laws. You can ensure it stays that way by scheduling truck & trailer maintenance. In TruckLogics, you can schedule those reminders days, weeks, or months in advance in order to have helpful reminders sent directly to your phone or email via push-messaging.

truck and trailer maintenance software

Equipment Maintenance Alerts


Setting maintenance alerts is an easy way for you to ensure you never fall behind with equipment maintenance tasks. Simply set the reminder to alert you before the deadline, or to warn you that you're getting close to missing a deadline.

Adding Truck & Trailer Details in Truck Zone

You have multiple choices for adding new drivers & trailer details to TruckLogics. You can either manually input the data by clicking the "add" button, or you can do a bulk upload of mulitple trucks & drivers with a CSV file. If you choose to input driver/truck details manually, you will be guided through the process step by step. If you choose to do a bulk upload, all the information found on your spreadsheet will autofill in the spaces given.


Managing Truck/Trailer/Driver Preferences


Notes about which driver prefers which truck and which trailers are due for inspection can be easily managed with TruckLogics. In the "preferences" section, all details and alert reminders can be set for maintenance needs, driver needs, and for any other reason you can think of.


  • Create a log of all truck and trailer maintenance records
  • Sort maintenance records by date, truck, cost, or vendor
  • Search maintenance records for any specific repair
  • Create a preventative maintenance plan
  • Get alerts when preventative maintenance is due


  • Planning your maintenance is cheaper than roadside repairs
  • Instantly find previous repairs to check on warranties and other critical data
  • Keep all of your maintenance records in one safe place
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Trucklogics Mobile App

Since TruckLogics goes everywhere you do, download the mobile app so you never miss an opportunity to manage your business from the road. Go to the Google Play or App Store now and download the TruckLogics app for free.

What can you do on the TruckLogics mobile app?

  • View all dispatch details
  • Update your trip status and employ the check call feature
  • View all trip settlement details
  • Add & edit fuel log details

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